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Inner Whispers - The Power of Intuition

“There is a voice inside you that whispers all day long.” Anonymous

We are intuitive and get inner signals directing our everyday lives. It’s our choice to listen or not. We have an inner knowing, sensing what is right for us. Physical sensations in our bodies indicate an experience is aligned with our highest growth and learning, offering wise counsel when we pay attention. We often rely on cognition and rational analysis to make decisions. However gut feelings or knee jerk responses are powerful guidepost. Sometimes we don’t trust our intuition, get blocked, feel off track and wonder why life isn’t working. Intuition is not seen as valid because it’s not based on empirical evidence or may conflict with our upbringing, cultural or religious views, representing fluffy New Age Rhetoric. Sceptics believe if claims aren’t scientifically proven with statistical analysis, empirical evidence and documentation, they are not reliable. We all have our beliefs. There is more than one way to experience life. Regardless of our perceptions, sometimes we are meant to experience hard things. However, life flows easier when we trust those intuitive prompts.  

When something isn’t right, we experience all sorts of strange sensations in our bodies. We may feel queasy, unsettled or clenched in the stomach, heart or throat, constricted in our muscles, hot and clammy, emotionally drained, anxious or down. There’s a sense of uneasiness, foreboding or discomfort. It doesn’t make sense or feel right. We can’t explain it.  It’s hard when an exciting opportunity presents, a new job, home, relationship, partnership, legal arrangement, investment, travel or relocation.  Everything line ups and looks good on paper, yet something feels off. There’s conflict between the conscious mind and our intuition. It’s hard when we really want something, but our gut says otherwise. 

On the other hand, when something is right for us, we experience sensations of déjà vu, lightness, butterflies, sweaty palms, chills, tingling, excitement, an energetic lift, a sense of flow. Our bodies have wisdom and tell us when things are good for us. For example, when we meet someone new we are meant to journey with or have an exciting opportunity with work, sport or a creative project that propels us forward in positive way, it’s wonderful! We know it’s right because everything just works. We feel the correctness of the situation and buzz with excitement.  

Let’s ask ourselves how we feel, rather than making decisions exclusively from our logical mind. Cognition doesn’t give the whole answer. Things have to line up and feel right or there will be ambivalence, dissonance or inner conflict between the head and the heart, our higher intuition and rationale. Our inner wisdom directs us to life experiences scripted for higher learning. 


How do we strengthen our intuition?  Listen to your body. Tune in, be mindful and still. Close your eyes, take a few breaths, focus within and meditate on the question. Feel into your body sensations. Ask for a feeling, picture, symbol or colour. Have a play with tarot cards, take an Intuitive Development Class or practise sharing senses with your friends. Intuition is like a muscle. The more you practise, the stronger it becomes. You can experiment with automatic writing, writing fast, with the opposite hand or with your eyes closed. You can present your question to your Spirit Guides or inner self before you go to sleep. Write down your dreams or keep a journal by your bed. Notice the first thoughts or feelings when you arise. Ask yourself; how does my heart feel about this?  Imagine yourself in the situation. Pay attention to your five senses, touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing, what do you pick up? When you think of your question, do you feel uplifted and inspired or heavy, flat or down? Trust your instincts. Other ways to activate intuition include being in nature and connecting to the elements, getting creative, listening to soft music, practising mindfulness, yoga, Pilates or any activity that takes you inside yourself.  The list is endless.  Let your imagination flow.  Talk about your feelings. Ask for advice. Bounce around ideas. Know your feelings are there for a reason.

Intuition guides us through our life experiences, relationships and challenges. It serves as a beacon directing us on the correct path, protecting us when we stir off course or consider choices not meant for us. Cognition and Intuition are powerful tools used side by side. It reflects the deepest part of ourselves. It is the light tower of the Soul. You know truth by the way it feels.  

“Listen to the wind, it talks, listen to the silence, it speaks, listen to your heart, it knows.”  Native American Proverb

Sessions can be done face to face, over the phone or online

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