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How I Became an Intuitive Reader

My Personal Story

I have been an International Intuitive Reader for 40 years. I offer Readings, healings, public talks, workshops and write Poetry and Essays that have been published in several magazines in New Zealand, Australia and America. My “Sonar” or Intuitive sensitivity is a deep part of me. It’s like having a living breathing organism, another limb. I feel things in my physiology, my emotional/etheric body, DNA, skeletal structure and Interstitial Cells. I was a sensitive child and sensed people’s energy. Emotionally open, I felt overloaded and overstimulated by everything around me. As a child, I had nightmares and felt afraid. I didn’t know how to process it all. I was different, an outsider. I didn’t fit in.  

At age seven, while playing tether ball in the school yard, I thought to myself “I want to know the truth about Life”.  I noticed faces and sensed the energy of my class mates mapped on my skin. When I was bored at university, especially in statistics and chemistry class, I watched the other students. I knew what they were feeling. A story unravelled. In my mind’s eye, I saw moving pictures, noticed nonverbal bodily cues, felt tingling and body sensations, and understood other people’s secrets, emotional issues and private stories. 

Through my teenage years and early adult life, Dad and I talked constantly. We explored the “Existential meaning of life” analysing ethics and morality, politics, human behaviour, death, reincarnation, past lives, Soul Contracts, higher dimensions, the afterlife, extra-terrestrials, relationships, higher intuition, God, karma, and the various interpretations of religion. Though I grew up in a Jewish family, my father gave me space to find my own way. At age eight, dad let me drop out of Mrs Washer’s Sunday school class because I didn’t like being the only girl in an all-boys class.  I didn’t have to go to synagogue except on High Holy Days and to sing in the choir. I loved singing and I loved Christmas even more, which wasn’t even a Jewish holiday!  Though I felt a deep reverence for my Jewish ancestry and traditions, I needed to find God in my own way.  

Intuitive himself, Dad sensed my sensitivity, encouraging me to think outside the box. He wanted me to find my personal truth. With that freedom, I knew at the tender age of fourteen, I could not adhere to social conditioning and the paradigms of others. I had to travel my own wayfarer’s path. Life is the journey of the Soul. Since I was a child, I wrote journals, essays and poetry exploring the meaning of the universe.

At 17, I met an Intuitive teenager at a party. She told me I had clairvoyant abilities and would be doing readings in the future.  Soon after, I took a psychic class exploring channelling, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Psychometry and Tarot. We gave group readings, learning about imagery, energy and sensing the feelings of our classmates.  After the first class, I gave a two-hour reading to my best friend Ava. At that moment, I had an epiphany and realized I had been reading people my whole life. I had always sensed our family dynamics and my sister’s relationships with their boyfriends. I was nosy and into their personal business whether they liked it or not!  I just knew things. Strangers shared their personal secrets and asked for advice.  

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University. I was fascinated by the human psyche. My favourite classes were “Sexuality in Modern Society, Child Development, Physiology, Humanistic, Transpersonal and Abnormal Psychology. My classmates and I identified with the Mood Disorders in the text. We laughed comparing phantom symptoms. I decided my highest ambition was to be a Profiler and Messenger, examining people’s emotions, patterns, relationships, and life choices. In my twenties, I gave Intuitive Readings to my family and friends, worked at healing fairs and New Age bookstores which lead to my private practise. My sensitivity is a huge part of me. Its breaths like a lung through my cells, heart and third eye.

People ask me how I read people. This is how it’s done.  I tune in, say an invocation and listen. I ask for guidance and protection from my higher self, the Ascended Masters, angels and Spirit Guides. I ask the client a personal question to begin the download. I tune into their Energy Field which is an electrical emanation transmitting off the body.  I tune into their Soul vibration by listening, being still and present as I wait for the download to begin. I intuitively know when the key is unlocked and I am in.  I tune into their Soul, Higher Self and guides.  I get impressions, images, words and gut feelings regarding their emotional state.  After a couple of minutes, information surges like an automatic transmission of energy, symbols and feeling tones. The download comes fast. Flood gates open and words have a life of their own, consciously channelled from an invisible source. The person’s story emerges like watching a movie. I get tingles and chills, my stomach, throat and heart tighten and I have an inner knowing. The download is automatic like streaming data on the computer I call “the Space Internet.” Information accessed comes from everywhere, The Unlimited Unified Field, The Akashic Records, Soul Blueprints and past historical files from the person’s evolutional Soul Contract.  It is all documented and accessible.  As a kinaesthetic reader, I feel things inside my body. My “sonar” is always on. I just look at someone and the download begins. This is full on and I need down time to decompress and unwind.

I need good self-care to protect myself. I get clearings and balances, walk in nature, meditate, have adventures, play, bake decadent desserts, see movies, listen to music or read a book, do yoga and Pilates, cuddle with my partner or simply hide under the covers. There is no shutting off unless I hide from the world. I have to protect myself from negative energy. But I love what I do. I wouldn’t change a thing.  Reading people is my Soul purpose, my Destiny Path.

During the reading, I download information stored on the person’s Energy Field, Physiology, Cells and DNA. The energy gradient on the electrified field surrounding the body reveals people’s stories. When I read, their energy field meets mine. I am a “deep feeler.” I sense people’s pain body and etheric blueprint, the colour, size and shape of their aura, energy gradient, the vibration, extension, pulsation and transmission. This contains their feelings, wounds, traumas, experiences and perceptions of life. Everything about them, every thought, experience and every person they have met or thought about throughout their multi-dimensional, evolutional history is stored on their Energy Field, personal file, Destiny Blueprint or Akashic Record. Every molecule, cell, organ, system, part and function of the physical body are mini worlds of the Soul, personality and life imprint, similar to a microchip holding data. Each Cell is encoded in a vibrational sequencing pattern containing the composite learning, thought forms and evolutional Life Stream Energy of that particular Soul. 

Energy Fields are electrical and radiate different pulsations, shades and colours contingent on the emotional state of the person and their overall Soul development in terms of Karmic material, mastery, contribution and evolutional attainment.  All thoughts, actions, relationships and experiences are recorded.  In my readings, I download unconscious, subliminal material and the Akashic Blueprint clarifying their karmic lesson plan on the Soul’s Earth journey. This unlocks their evolutional code recorded from their total incarnational, multi-dimensional journey, their genealogy, Soul Contractual agreements and Karmic Choreography.  I examine pre-scripted, pre-birth and karmic life lessons mapped out for higher learning, integration and soul growth. These records uncover core Soul information, Karmic layout, family history, lesson plans, and emotional issues needing rectification or resolution. My objective is to crack the code of the puzzle, unlocking the key of the soul’s game plan of life lessons.

By asking the names of my client’s family, friends, relatives or the people they think about, I access these informational records as well. Their story and karmic layout are just as clear. Any record can be accessed from the intergalactic database and is stored on that person’s Energy Field and in their cells. This includes records of international governments, medicine, psychology, law, finance, corporations, business or any operational structure in the world, as well as the record of any person dead or alive. This involves clearance from the gatekeepers upstairs, our over soul, guides, guardians, Ascended Masters, “The Great White Brotherhood”, the Karmic Board and the Intergalactic Federation overseeing these records, as long as we use the information for the highest good of humanity.  Accessing the Akashic Records is a short cut, giving a person a “life review” incarnate, examining learning keys of lesson and deciphering the Soul map.” During the reading, my client and I become conscious and aware of their choice points in past and present relationships and experiences, rather than remaining unconscious of the deeper workings of the lesson plan, waiting for the life review after death.  The client gains self-awareness, assumes responsibility for the karmic layout and has opportunity to make healthier choices. Why not make conscious change now if we can?

Everyone incarnates on the Earth plane or other planetary systems for Karmic lesson in order to evolve their Soul to the highest expression of God Realization, Enlightenment, Self-Actualization, Karmic Completion and Soul Mastery. These life lessons scripted on the Soul Contract enable us to resolve repetitive patterns, emotional wounds and issues with people we have unfinished business with or unreconciled Karmic content.  We go around and round through Karmic storylines until we discover our Soul or true self. My purpose as a reader is to clarify emotional issues, patterns and relationships so people can shift vibration, evolve and complete patterns in order to meet the requirements on their lesson plan.

It’s been a gift working with so many wonderful people over the years.  My clients have shared their deepest vulnerability, wisdom and wounds. I have witnessed their Souls and seen their private world of dreams, secrets and pain. I treasure these precious moments of sharing. Holding someone in their deepest hurts and fragility, I recognize the tenacity of every Soul. This is the greatest offering and teaching.  I am honoured to do this work, connecting on this most profound and transparent level, with love, hope and shared humanity.  We are all connected and here together, working on our life lessons on this Earth journey. Sharing our innermost self, our story and personal truth are beautiful things. I am blessed to be of service witnessing the glorious beauty and depth of every Soul.


I am the luckiest person alive!!

Sessions can be done face to face, over the phone or online

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