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The Impact of Energy

Energy is powerful. It is not only within us, but around us. It is in everything. We can get lost in the density of others, the collective emotion. It takes self-knowledge to delineate our own energy and stay strong in our sense of self. The vibration of Soul transcends the energetic of our physical world.

- Shari

In these current times of energetic amp up, intensification and acceleration, we are becoming increasingly sensitive to each other and our environment. With the changes on the planetary magnetic grid lines, poles and plates and increased light energies coming in, the vibrational shifts are intense. We are not only feeling things more intensely, but are picking up everything around us too. We need to look after ourselves and have strong boundaries.


It’s challenging walking in an Earth body during these planetary changes. The Collective material on a conscious and unconscious level is full on. People are pushed to face themselves. Childhood issues such as past hurts, anger, abuse, frustration, and inner unresolved turmoil are coming up to the top to be reconciled and cleared. We need to clear the cupboard on a cellular level and confront what’s left to be released. With our buttons pushed, we are picking up on each other. Even walking down the street, we can suddenly feel sad or upset, picking up the vibration or feelings of the person standing next to us. “Have you noticed the heavy congested energy in shopping malls, companies, concerts, sport events, buses, airports, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, cafes and other crowded places?” Some of these places are closed in and don’t have good circulation of energy. The collective energy is stagnant, heavy and blocked. This can be over stimulating. Also, when people move into new homes or office buildings, there are remnants of the emotional dross of the people living or working there beforehand, still stuck in the structure. Sometimes couple’s issues magnify if they are picking up on vibrations of earlier tenants. If energetic heaviness is present, it’s important have the house cleansed with smudging, incense or with professionals who can clear the stagnant energy from the structure and the land.


Every aspect of Earth life carries a frequency, an energetic pattern of vibration and molecular oscillation. Each country, city, street, church, shopping mall, business place and our homes carry an Energy Devas, an energetic signature that marks that particular area, with a specific energy tone, vibration or pattern. Our bedrooms hold the vibrational threads of our personality, personal issues, emotions and personality. Everything on the planet is alive with its unique feeling tone. When we are open and receptive, we are nourished and energized with a connection in nature with the trees, sea, mountain plains, sun and stars. However, the reverse can be true as well. When we walk into someone else’s house, we can pick up their emotional issues and upsets and wear them as our own and carry them on our energy field. The challenge is to recognize what is other people’s emotional content and what is our own. We overload carrying the emotions of others. It’s especially difficult when you are intuitive, empathetic and sensitive.

Some people over analyze the issues of others or the planet thinking it is theirs personally. It is easy to lose ourselves and blend into the collective soup. When we feel vulnerable, intoxicated, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, our energy field can weaken, rupture, tear, become too thin, porous or held close to the body. With minimal protection and insulation, other energies penetrate our weakened forcefield, bombarding our mind, emotions and nervous system.


Sensitives pick up outer dimensional energies and entities as well. Disembodied lost souls or ghost, still hanging around the outer peripheral edge of the Earth plane, who can’t find the light, way home or next dimension, can attack or attach onto our energy field to communicate, connect or use energy for fuel. Low level or vibrational attachments or disembodies who cling onto the body or energy field are draining, disrupting our mental and emotional well- being. Sometimes we sublimally take on their energy, emotional content and karmic material. These entities need to be released and sent to the light. When souls get stuck or can’t move properly, they latch onto familiar things when they were alive such as their relatives, homes, families or communities. They don’t know a way out.


When I first moved into Robert’s house, I felt his close friends, who had died, visit on his land. I sensed them watch us as we moved around the property. We had a wonderful and respectful ceremonial clearing on his property to release and free those souls to the next dimension, the afterlife.


On a more sinister level, heavier attachments latch onto people’s energy fields from the lower Astral Realms or other Dimensional Planetary Stratospheres, using our energy to suck energy, create negative thought forms, wreak havoc, play games, energize, gain power or express through. Sometimes we hear strange voices or have discordant thoughts that aren’t ours, and we feel stressed or out of sorts.


Often people in institutions with Affective Mood Disorders such as Depression, Bipolar Personality, Borderline, Generalized Anxiety, Multiple Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia, etc. are susceptible to picking up other voices, energies and entities. Many people with Mood Disorders have permeable boundaries, a more open energetic field or feel a heavier density. Sometimes other life forms and attachments from other planetary systems, as well as other’s people’s emotional content, latch onto their energy field. The person loses themselves in the visitations, voices or frequencies of these uninvited visitors. They think something is wrong with them or they are hearing voices. These individuals are sensitive, intuitive, intelligent, creative and vibrationally finely attuned, even on a DNA and sub molecular level, to the subtle energies on the planet. They pick up on the vibrational patterns of other people’s psyches and don’t have the words, creative or physical outlet to drive the energy outward in constructive ways. The energy gets internalized and locked in the body, magnifying into an internal spin of negative thinking, panic, fear, anxiety, depression, aggressive behavior or self-flagellation.


Many people with Affective Mood Disorders feel judged and misunderstood for being different than what society dictates as normal behavior of a high functioning person.

In today’s society, mental illness is still not recognized as a medical condition in the same way as heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Because sluggish Catecholamine’s such as Serotonin, Dopamine or Noradrenalin re-uptake and dispersion cannot be seen through an MRI or medical scans; it is not validated in the same way as disease. These conditions are still medically misunderstood, that is why finding the correct psychoactive medication and dosage is a challenge. People have to experiment to find the right fit for their own unique physiology, without too many contra-indications, neurological or physical side effects. These medications can be toxic and throw people into extreme depression, suicidal ideation, exhaustion, confusion or lethargy, thus intensifying their symptoms.


I have had several clients who have responded well to psychotropic medication and others who have emotionally spun out and needed urgent reassessment. I was

Shocked to see that many of my clients had not been supervised or monitored in their dosage level and symptom management. I send them back to get reassessed by their doctor or psychiatrist. Sometimes people with depression or anxiety are left to fend for themselves, or told to get over it and get on with it. Though public awareness is increasing and more resources are available for mental illness, there is still ignorance, misunderstanding and judgment. More education and government funding are needed.


It is not easy being intuitive, emotional and sensitive and acutely aware of the subtly of environmental energies and the human psyche. It is challenging conversing with someone and sensing the emotional undertones in conversation. Anything a person doesn’t own or recognize will be picked up by an intuitive and sensitive person. At parties or social gatherings when people are in casual conversation, I feel uncomfortable when I sense someone’s pain or emotional issues underneath what they are saying. Especially if someone is drinking heavily or taking intoxicants, I feel their angst underneath their social façade and I have to move away. Life isn’t easy, especially in these turbulent times of change and the awakening of mass global consciousness. We have to look after ourselves and not to take everything on. The spiritual path isn’t about retreating into monasteries or meditating on the mountaintop. However, people can do that if they want. For most of us, life is about getting out there, connecting with others and sharing our unique gifts. It’s following the middle path, holding connection with ourselves amidst the turmoil and chaos around us. This requires self-awareness, focus and dedication, turning inward for guidance and direction, getting support when we need it and clearing ourselves on a daily basis.


We are challenged to wake up and evolve beyond who we think we are and what we think is true from our social, cultural, educational, religious and family conditioning. Nothing stays the same. We are being asked to examine our perceptions about safety, familiarity and security, and look deeper into our true nature. We need a strong internal connection to shield and protect ourselves from being bombarded by the collective. We don’t need to carry the weight of the world. It’s too much pressure on our psyche and body. We need energetic space for ourselves, to live our joy and purpose from our own unique energy system, encouraging others to do the same.


Compassion is holding people in humility, empathy and kindness honoring their right to learn and grow in karmic lesson without the need to wear or carry their energy, fix, and rescue, take on their issues or do the work for them. Witnessing and supporting a person with an open heart enables them to find their own answers and move more deeply within themselves.


So how can we take care of ourselves and protect our energy in our world today?


*We can tune into nature, light incense or candles, smudge and sage, wash the energy off in the shower, hot sulpher or mineral pools or in the sea.


*Say invocations asking all negative energies to be released to the light or see a shaman, counselor or healing practitioner that specialize in energy clearing.


* Visualize sitting in a pyramid with a marble floor surrounded with white light. Place mirrors facing outward from the walls with a star on top of the pyramid. Keep spinning light around the pyramid. This will deflect negative or foreign energies and push them back out from where they came.


* Surround the body in metal armor or use protective crystals such as Obsidian, Smokey Quartz or Hematite for added protection. Wash crystals outside in the rain under a full moon to clear negative energy.


*Lie on the ground or stand upright and visualize grounding cords coming through the bottom of the feet, fastened to a golden rod at the centre of the Earth. Visualize any darkness or negative energy in the body drain from the feet back into the Earth until it turns into clear running water. Visualize beautiful light energy streaming through the crown or the top of the head through the body and back into the Earth, replenishing both you and the ground.


*Command all negative energies, entities and blockages to be transmuted to the light saying while snapping fingers, “Release, Clear” three times.


*Call on the Ascended Masters, the Great White brotherhood, Archangel Michael for protection to shield you from negative energy.


* Use the powerful affirmation “The Robe of Light Protection”. Say out loud. “I clothe myself in a robe of light composed of the love, power and wisdom of God, not only for my own protection, but so that all those who see it and come into contact with it are drawn to God and healed. All negative energies and entities with or near me are now cleansed, raised and bound to the white light of the source.”


*If you are in a crowd like a shopping mall, party or airplane, surround yourself in a bubble of golden or white light the entire time you are there and ask for protection from your guides and angels.


*Be aware of toxic people who are heavy or draining your battery. Use coloured light for protection or remove yourself from the situation. Visualize any attachment chords around you and cut on your side to disconnect from negativity.


*Move the energy, get productive, garden, exercise, do yoga, meditation, sport, be creative, write, paint, play music, or do something practical, get centered and ground. Any form of self-expression is powerful in releasing blocked or negative energy.


Self- protection, clearing and setting boundaries is healthy self- care. It’s ok to move away or say no when energy doesn’t feel good or healthy for us. When our energy is clear, we are clear, so we can be in our power and share our unique light and gifts with the world.

Sessions can be done face to face, over the phone or online

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