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I am available for Intuitive Readings in person, on Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber.

I do sessions at parties, corporate functions, workshops, retreats, and other special events.


Consultation Rates

$100        half hour

$150        one hour

$195        90 minutes

$250        two hours

Payments accepted:

Cash, deposit into my New Zealand business account or through Pay pal.

Payments are made prior to the reading.

If there is a financial concern, feel free to discuss with me.


“For the past few years and at certain times of my life, I searched for wisdom and insight which could only come from a higher source. As I did not have the ability to access this myself, I made contact with Shari, who was able to offer me insights which were helpful at each stage of my personal growth. I immediately connected with Shari and her friendly, positive and non-judgemental manner. With each session, she was able to bring clear and helpful insights around situations. I really appreciate her fabulous communication skills and her ability to find the right words to describe or identify a situation and translate it into meaningful suggested outcomes. With her special abilities, I have been able to navigate some of life’s more complex challenges and roadblocks.

Shari is a sincere, warm, caring person and I would highly recommend her services.”



Sessions can be done face to face, over the phone or online

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