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Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts are the Destiny Blueprint. Prior to incarnation, the Soul, (Life Stream Essence), creates an Earth life and physical form. This involves a specific choreography of events and relationships stimulating higher learning. Reviewing the Evolutional Schemata of past lives prior to incarnation, the Soul, Map Team and Spirit Guides create a lesson plan with key characters, relationships and life events. This involves members of their Soul Group with whom they have unfinished business or incomplete Karma. Souls work on life test with other Souls for the first time or with whom they have had several incarnations with. Souls repeat lessons in several lifetimes with different experiential configurations. Members of a Soul Group have similar learning material, vibration and evolutional development. They review their experiences and choice points in the afterlife for higher learning. The objective is to resolve emotional issues, wounds and patterns to garner self-awareness and insight. Souls cannot progress until the lesson is complete. 


Synchronicity occurs when two people meet and there is an instant connection, subliminal remembrance or sense of familiarity. The learning story has begun. Unreconciled emotions are stored energetically on a conscious or sublimal level in the physiology, cells, DNA, molecules, organ systems and musculature. Until core issues are resolved, emotional patterns repeat. The emotional charge must be cleared to the last sub molecular particle. This is why we repeat patterns in our lives. There are many layers to an issue. We think we are resolved with a person or situation and then we are hit with the issue again. The purpose of emotional rectification is to break free from trauma, raise our consciousness and vibration.   


Life on the Earth plane is like a hologram, an action set, performing scenes on stage. Working through Soul Contract material is synonymous with cracking a code of a puzzle.  Every life event is scripted before incarnation and enacted in physical form. Within the script, we have free will and choice. There are no accidents or random phenomena unless we veer off contract by discounting our higher intuition or through aberrant behavior. When we are on point with our contract, there is a sense of flow and energetic movement. When we are off track or blocked, we are moving against the current, driving our energy from ego or personal will, without aligning with our intuition. The important stuff is choreographed for character development and self- knowledge. 


If Karmic material isn’t resolved, the person must adhere to the Soul Contract until complete. If we resolve key issues earlier than the time set on our contract, experiences can be mitigated, the Contract revised and a new lesson planned created. If learning is incomplete, the residue lesson will need to be worked out in another life. We cannot progress with lingering resentment, hurt or incomplete understanding.  We must fulfill the stipulations on our contract to be free of the lesson to move forward.    


Through the intensification of planetary energies, we are pushed even harder to work out our lesson plan. With the recalibration of energy bands on the Magnetic Grid Lines, plates and poles on the planet, everything is amplified. Our emotional buttons are pushed big time. We are challenged to not disconnect from our inner selves by focusing only on the external world. Catastrophic global events push us to crack open our defensive shell and face ourselves in the mirror. It takes courage to accept responsibility for our lessons.    


The “Existential Void” is a feeling of emptiness, loss of meaning and joy. It includes the breakdown of external structures representing our security, placement and identity. We feel disconnected and out of sorts. We are challenged to sit in that empty space and discover our true self underneath the mask of social identification.   Recognizing ourselves beyond physical form and events, we pierce the hologram and the monkey mind. In contemplation or meditation, we can assess our contract to align with our Soul Directive, resolve core issues, let go and be our authentic selves. 


Our purpose is to evolve and raise the frequency of the planet.  Everything must move forward. Collectively, we are all connected, but are only as strong as the weakest link. A cellular shift of vibration affects us all. We impact each other. When we clear ourselves of Karmic Material on our Soul Contract, we achieve greater peace, compassion, humility and purpose. We each play an important part in preserving and uplifting our planet to make positive change.  We are in this together. 


We can be hard on ourselves and make ourselves wrong for our so-called mistakes. But in the bigger picture, there are no mistakes. Life is a game of lesson, an exercise of learning, self-knowledge and growth. Our purpose is to complete our journey, resolve our lessons, clear Karmic relationships and open our hearts to greater love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness.  Magnetic Attraction reflects our consciousness and self-belief.  Positive manifestation happens when we are use our power constructively aligned with our true self. We are greater than our host bodies, perceptions and life experiences. When we recognize the light of our Soul, we emanate that truth for everyone to see.  

Sessions can be done face to face, over the phone or online

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