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“Shari is an amazing, spot on Intuitive Reader who reads energy with a striking level of accuracy. She has been and continues to be a great support in times of uncertainty when I need that extra confidence and support to know which way to go. Every time Shari reads me, she puts me on the right track and brings enormous amount of healing, clarity and support. Be it a relationship problem, financial/business decision- making or health problems, she easily pinpoints the exact issue and explains what is going on behind the scenes which makes so much sense.

She is the most friendly and approachable god- sent angel for me and my family.”

- Grace - 


“Shari is a brilliant Medical Intuitive and offers amazing spiritual wisdom. She is truly connected to source. Her channelled messages are life changing and affirming.”

- Kathy and Rae Dornan -

"My reading with Shari was awesome! She clarified some life experiences for me, and helped me put them into context and to find meaning from my past. Her intuitive reading reinforced my mission and purpose and confirmed that I am on the right path and still have much to offer the world. I felt inspired, encouraged and motivated by the time we’d finished our session and I really appreciated Shari’s warmth and the compassionate way in which she delivered the information. We shared a wicked sense of humour and many laughs - after all no one said life had to be serious, did they?

Thank you Shari, for sharing your gift with me."

- Steph -

“Shari is an amazing Intuitive Reader. With her readings, she helped me to see a key block to my inner growth. She gave me practical tips to heal the emotional wounding.”

- LW -


I have worked in the health and healing profession for the last 27 years. I have met many healers and can honestly say Shari Rhodes is one of the most gifted readers I have met. Our whole family has seen shari at one time or another and we have always found her sessions extremely insightful, healing and trans-formative.
Shari's accuracy and ability to articulate truth in a compassionate way is inspiring, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to further their self knowledge and healing journey."
- JHD, Auckland -


"Our company hired Shari to do readings for a Christmas Party function. Shari was an absolute hit and provided a wonderful experience for all those who received a reading. She is wonderful and warm to sit with and very generous with her knowledge and expertise. Her ability to intuitively sense what is going on in your life and within your body is spot on and quite incredulous! The way Shari delivers information on is very touching and empowering. If anyone is thinking of seeing a reader, I would implore you to see her! She is by far the best reader I have experienced." 
- Bree, APN Outdoor - 


"I have had the distinct pleasure of having received 3 Intuitive Readings with Shari Rhodes. Though they
took place via cell phone, I felt completely "seen" and understood. Shari is an immensely gifted psychic intuitive who dives deep to access her offering. The readings she gave me offered tremendous support and clarity enabling me to move forward gracefully during a challenging time. I really appreciate Shari's earthly authenticity and profound sense of humour. As an empathic intuitive myself, it is a real relief to have found someone like Shari to reveal the truth of my inner realms. I will continue to recommend her to my dear friends."
- Magdalena, Radical Embodiment workshops California, USA - 

"Shari has Intuitively Read for me a few times over the last 2 years – in person and via the phone – and these have been wonderful, and enlightening.

Recently Shari suggested I come to her clinic for a Spiritual Integration – to help me process present problems in my life and to reconcile with past repeated patterns. I had no idea really what to expect but I guess my trust in Shari and my absolute belief in her abilities encouraged me to give it a go!

The setting of her clinic is tranquil and welcoming and that in itself calms you and allows you to be ready and receptive to whatever is to follow.  Shari’s soothing voice helped me into a hypnotic state and then I was encouraged to visualise a beautiful garden and to ask for loved ones (passed over or living) to join me on a journey to a peaceful room.  It really did feel as if those loved ones, who I missed so deeply, were there with me. In this room I was encouraged to ask my loved ones questions about what I needed to know to help me make the difficult decisions I was faced with in my life.  This in itself was an extremely emotional, but cathartic experience. From here, Shari guided me to question my higher-self about my purpose and learnings in this life – and to draw from past life experiences.

When I awoke I felt amazingly enlightened and very privileged to have been able to talk with  my loved ones – to laugh with them, to cry with emotion, but to have their guidance and healing.
In the ensuing week or two I was able to release some of this emotion and move forward in my life – trusting my own intuition and the answers that were given to me that day.  It has certainly helped me to become and remain stronger, and to know a little more about my path in life – a little more about my soul contract in relation to the problems I was facing.

Shari is a wonderful, caring and special lady, who exudes honesty, empathy and compassion.  I recommend a Spiritual Integration to anyone who is faced with doubts as to the direction their life should take!"
- Sheryl, Hypnotherapist, New Plymouth -

I first saw Shari Rhodes in August 2014. I was immediately struck by how at ease I felt with her. I went to see her because I was unsure about why I was feeling so unmotivated and lacking in energy in something that I thought I had wanted. Just by listening to me say my name out loud, she was able to sum up the very root of the problem, and the people related to the problem, that caused those demotivated feelings and lack of energy. In fact the description of the circumstances and the people was so accurate, I couldn't have described it better myself. The fact that she could sum my life up so quickly to the core, brought tears to my eyes. I hadn't ever felt so quickly understood, without judgement. The solution was something that I disregarded as being impossible, yet once I followed her guidance, everything just flowed for the better. Subsequently, I realised just how insightful she was in her descriptions, and in the details I hadn't yet seen. She released a huge block by giving me a message from my father. They were in the words only my father would have used, with references to things that were quite personal.

In May 2015, she was further able to support me in my way forward, but more in tandem with my husband. Again, she was able to describe his circumstances, and sub-conscious fears and feelings about his work and purpose perfectly. He was able to make necessary changes and remove blocks to enable himself to feel happier, and incorporate more enjoyment into his work life. Our relationship and family life has also improved even further.

Shari is remarkable. Her accuracy and detail in describing people, situations and health issues is mind blowing. She certainly is gifted intuitively. Her wisdom and insights given in those sessions continue to guide me to what my higher self is trying to bring about into consciousness.

- Debbie C -

"I am one of Shari’s international clients.  I have had several excellent spiritual readings in my life, so when I went to Shari for the first time I was expecting something similar to past experiences.  However from the first minute of our consult it was clear that Shari operated on another level.  I was completely unprepared for the level of accuracy and detail she was able to demonstrate – her accuracy about my personal circumstances, relationships and unresolved issues.  She was pinpoint.  And four months on from our initial consultation, I need to use both hands to count all the predictions she made that have come true.  Shari isn’t just good.  She’s scary good."

I have since referred several of my friends to Shari and they too have experienced incredibly accurate readings.  I now consult with Shari once every couple of months as my most trusted advisor.  As well as helping me understand myself and where my journey is headed, she is my secret weapon for managing the interpersonal relationships in my life."
- Matthew -

"Shari is an amazing intuitive reader that makes you feel at ease straight away and excited about what is to come next.
I had both an amazing reading and a fabulous spiritual integration both with Shari and she is spot on with her readings and I feel excited for the future.  She picked up on alot of things that I haven't thought of in a long time and needed to deal with.

I  am a better person for meeting Shari she is a very special and spiritual lady and I would recommend her to all my friends and family so they can get an amazing and insightful reading too."
- Roisin C -

"I am very grateful for the gift of your powerful reading. I am still mulching over your words and how much they still impact me. Everything you said aligned with what my inner spirit feels is right and true. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, intuitive gifts and compassionate knowing. You helped me greatly. Many blessings of gratitude!"
- Cara, author, public speaker, wedding officiate in San Diego, USA - 

"I am so grateful to you. Thank you so much. Your presence is so beneficial in all the readings I have had with you.  You have shown repeated accuracy in feeling out my space and sensing things to come.
I value that you shared some of your personal journey with me. It helps that you understand me in an intimate way and the nature of my journey.  Also it's an inspiration to me that you continue to act from the light and find ways to transmute these trying energies.
My daughter was really comfortable with the readings and said she thought you were spot on.
Namaste and much love."
- Jahnrina - 

"I am writing to express my convictions and sincerity about the value of Shari Rhodes' intuitive responses to my questions and concerns about my life direction.  I've known Shari since 1995, and have treasured her candor and accurate take of issues that at times I didn't know I was looking for.  She seems to, without effort,  click into a mode of knowing what one's higher self is trying to get into consciousness. Her intuitive sense has a way of easing angst about the twists and turns life presents us.  I would highly recommend her as a source of transmitting information from your higher awareness.  She will tell you what you should be healing from your soul. There is great love and understanding in her approach.
- David D -

I first met Shari in 2007 when I had my first breast cancer diagnosis. Shari did a reading for me in person and it helped me a lot. She picked up on a lot of different aspects of my personality and helped me understand some of the reasons at the spiritual level for having cancer. One of the main threads of our continued contact is that Shari is supportive of me 100% and supportive of me living the highest expression of my life purpose. It is easy to forget and focus on paying the bills and get lost in other people's agendas. But time and again, Shari brings the focus back to me, why I am here and what she can do to facilitate that for me. Shari is now a friend and I wish her the very best in everything she does.

- Andrea - 

"Shari has a wonderful kind heart and a beautiful understanding of human nature. I was able to observe Shari working with people and listen to her speak. She touched a lot of people with her words giving them inspiration and deep warmth."

- Nicola-Kim, Palmerston North -

"I was impressed with Shari's ability to accurately sense not only medical conditions, but relational truths. I had three months of serious nausea and abdominal distention. Shari immediately was able to see blood and pus in the lining of the intestine. In other words a duodenal ulcer. Her informal comments were corroborated in a diagnosis by a general internal physician. Moreover, Shari's intuitive skill at picking up the psychogenis of physical problems was really helpful in understanding how to heal the ulcer in my family of origin, and tied it with my current health and relational status in a matter that was clear, supportive and non judgmental and which pointed the way to a greater healing that mere intestinal inflammation.

- Meg D, Auckland - 

"As a director of a business and personal coaching company, I am always looking for improvements in performance of the business. Shari assisted me by helping me to understand the personality dynamics occurring within my team, an understanding of the cycles and timings surrounding certain business events (like the launching of new products) and helping me to understand myself at a greater level to work through blocks within my own personality which would have formally blocked my progress both in business and relationship. I have come to realize the importance of having a person who stands to the side of one's path-advising, mentoring, holding you to account, demanding top performance, making sense of the meaning behind events. Shari is all these things-par excellence. I've had no hesitation in recommending my clients and colleagues to Shari- all who rave about the results she has achieved in their lives."

- Rachel T, Auckland -

"Due to my suffering exceedingly painful chronic headaches, I asked Shari if she may help me work with them. In a one and a half hour session, she accomplished what doctors for over thirty years have failed to do, give me the tools to stop the headaches. If effectiveness is the measure, she scores highest. Shari's presentation of self is highly professional, competently commanding with a strong commitment to her work."

- Claude, Waiheke Island - 

"Shari sees right to the core of issues and acknowledges those highest aspects of ourselves in a beautifully impactful way. She leaves one feeling well informed of those issues that are hard to see and look at for yourself, as well as acknowledged for the beautiful being that you are. Shari is a beautiful soul and her spirit brings a special light to those she connects with."

Erika N, Seattle USA - 

"Shari's healing was of the highest caliber of accuracy and compassion, with core issues being addressed using her healing technique to pluck out the root issue, using an array of modalities bringing about clarity, clearing and finally release."

- Kelly T, Auckland -

"During Shari's session, I entered a level of consciousness, I have never reached before. It was as if she offered me a window to look into myself and see my whole being, not just my life now, but my past lives too. I simply know me now. I feel complete, more at peace and have given myself permission "to be" not something I could do until I saw the whole me, through Shari."

"Shari has helped me to gain greater understanding of myself and my wounds that have kept me from creating the life I want. I was able to open my heart and share my deeply buried feelings with my parents and resolve some long standing wounds from childhood. I am learning that it is safe to be vulnerable and honest with my feelings. I am also learning to love and nurture myself and express my own creative interest. I was able to more clearly access and choose the treatment for my medical condition. Shari's intuitive impressions were in alignment with the medical and pathology reports. I feel moved and changed. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from an illness or a deep-seated psychological issue challenging their life path."

- Mandy O, Hahei NZ - 

Sessions can be done face to face, over the phone or online

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